Energy plays a vital role in operation cost of major industries, may be steel, cement, textile, chemical, petrochemical, aluminium, glass or any energy intensive industry.

Industries are always in search of various cost reduction ideas to reduce its operational cost and sustain its competitiveness and profitability. Energy is one of the area which is always in focus and provides quicker results. Plant engineers are consistently in search of new ways for reducing energy cost.

While working for so many years in industries i found, Major challenge faced by engineers is about the reliable information availability, A lot of information in available on internet but they are in discrete form and reliability of information is also questioned.

This website is created to facilitate engineers with tools and best of studies available in field of energy conservation. This website is not only for the guidance to engineers for various option and technology available but keep them self updated with the latest trend in energy conservation. Without any bias we are trying to share best of information, quick tools, energy calculator , best practices available across industries.

Lot of information put in the website is collected from various equipment manufactures, BEE, and other various institutes. As most of the information are generalized, it is advised to our readers that take opinion of manufactures before implementing any ideas.  In our journey to improve energy efficiency across industries. we also encourage you to provide information with can be shared to all for the benefit of industries and mankind.