Condensate Transfer Pump

Steam is the most popular heat transfer media. When steam is used for heating purpose, latent heat is transferred and phase of steam changes from vapor to liquid. The liquid formed after steam heating is called as condensate. The condensate formed after steam condensation is having good amount of specific heat and DM water. Condensate …

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Pinch Technology – Best tool for energy targeting

Pinch technology or pinch analysis is a method used to target energy in chemical process by calculating thermodynamically feasible target. It was developed by teams led by Professor Bodo Linnhoff at University of Manchester (UK) in 1980’s. als In France, Jean-Paul Gourlia also contributed to popularize this approach with several reference papers. The pinch analysis …

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How to select right Infrared ‘IR’ Thermometer?

IR ‘Infrared’ thermometer is one of the most useful temperatures measuring instruments and it is used in almost all industries.  IR thermometer measures temperature based on the thermal radiation of the object. Thermal radiation is also referred to as black body radiation.  The thermometer measures infrared energy emitted by the object and after adjusting it …

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Automation and artificial intelligence in the industry

The efficiency of industries has improved in recent times though automation, may it be a manufacturing or process industry automation has made our life easier, safer, and reliable. Now with the development of information technology like data acquisition, data processing, data analysis technique, it is said that artificial intelligence shall be the new change industries …

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Digitalization – Cogeneration Power Plant

Introduction Digitalization, Artificial intelligence or machine leaning are buzzing word across several industries. Power of data has been realized in rcent times with the development in the data collection and analyzing facilities. Now industries are waiting for another change after industrialization period. Smart industry shall be the new norm for industries. Output of the industries …

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