Types of room heaters

Electrical Room’s heaters are essential home appliance to keep home warm in winter season. Various options of room heaters are available in market with different heating technology. The cost of room heaters depends on the technology used and cost variation is probably the most in these house hold equipment. Lets check type of room heater …

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Solar water heaters

Solar water heaters are most commonly used domestic water heater. It converts solar energy ‘sunlight’ into heat energy for water heating. Solar water heater consists of solar panel “Solar thermal collector”, Storage tank and working fluid. Water circulation across solar panel can be active or passive. In active circulation pump is used for pumping fluid …

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Ways to Save energy at home

Energy bill of a house has been increased significantly over a period of time, Change in lifestyle and comfort living has contributed in increasing energy consumption. The use of air conditioners and room heaters are the major energy consumers of a middle class family energy requirement. Let the check the area which can be improved …

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