How to select right refrigerator or Fridge for home use (Buying Guide)

Refrigerator, also commonly called as fridge is essential part of home appliance. It is probably most useful and used household appliance. The life of refrigerator is generally counted for more than10 years and during its service period significant amount of energy is consumed in the refrigerator. Therefore It is important to select right refrigerator based on our need and considering energy consumption over the service period of the refrigerator. Let’s discuss how to select right refrigerator or fridge for home use.

Selection right refrigerator
  • Storage Capacity

Refrigerator comes with various storage capacity from very small say 40 Ltrs to large 600 Ltr capacity. Based on the need of house refrigerator capacity can be decided, Generally it is considered that for a single adult person refrigerator capacity varies from 60 to 80 Ltrs and multiplying this no with no of people in family right capacity of refrigerator can be selected. Eg for family of 4 people refrigerator capacity shall vary between 240 to 320 Lts. similarly we can calculate our refrigerator capacity requirement and select right refrigerator or fridge for our use.

Refrigerator with storage picture
  • Single door or multidoor Refrigerator

Single door refrigerator are available with lower capacity typically below 250 Ltr as below this capacity manufacturing of double door refrigerator is not feasible. Multidoor refrigerator are large size refrigerator generally above 250 Ltr capacity and most common type of refrigerator is double door refrigerator. In double door refrigerator fridge and freezer section are separate and maintained at two different temperature. Fresh food compartment of both single and double door refrigerator are designed at +3 Deg C of temperature while freezer section of single door refrigerator is designed at – 6 Deg C and for double door refrigerator it is -15 Deg C. If you need to cool your food at lower temperature double door refrigerator is useful.

Single door refrigerator
Double Door Refrigerator
  • Direct cool or frost free refrigerator

In direct cool refrigerators cooling is done by natural convection and not with the use of internal forced circulation fans, However some direct cool refrigerators may have internal circulation fans for avoiding internal condensation but not claimed as frost free by manufacturer. While in frost free refrigerators cooling is provided by forced air circulation, The system is automatically operated to prevent permanent formation of frost on all refrigerated surfaces and no accumulation of ice or frost forms on stored food. In direct cool refrigerators water collection tray is provided in bottom of the refrigerator which needs to be emptied regularly while in frost free refrigerator water collection tray is not required. Frost free refrigerators are manufactured above 250 Ltrs capacity.

Frost free refrigerator is having clean pannel backside
  • Energy Consumption

Refrigerator is significant energy consumer for household, therefore it is important to look after energy consumption of refrigerator before purchasing new refrigerator, Star rating is provided in refrigerator to guide common people with energy efficiency of refrigerator. Star rating of refrigerator is provided in the scale of 1 to 5 where 1 is least energy efficient refrigerator which consumes high energy while 5 rating indicates highest efficiency machine with lower power consumption. it is advisable to check star rating and annual consumption units before procurement of refrigerator. For further understanding how How annual energy consumption of Refrigerator is calculated for Star rating , click here

Energypurse recommends to keep energy consumption as the most important criteria and select right refrigerator or fridge for your home use.

Sample Star BEE rating
  • Inverter and Non Inverter Technology

The load in refrigerator varies from time to time, when we open refrigerator or store warm food in the refrigerator, it requires to be operated at its maximum load and once the temperature is reached to the desired level compressor need not requires to be operated at maximum load but on minimum load to maintain desired temperature levels. In inverter technology for load variation compressor speed is varied by varying frequency, while in non inverter technology compressor is on/off to meet refrigeration requirement. Inverter technology is efficient and has long service life. Generally refrigerator with inverter technology can be used for long service life therefore manufactures also provide 10 years of warranty on refrigerator compressor. While procurement of new refrigerator it is recommended to go with inverter technology.

Inverter Technology reducing power consumption at reduced load
  • Convertible and non convertible refrigerator

Convertible or non convertible mode of refrigerators are applicable with double door refrigerators where based on requirement fridge or freezer can be kept on running or off mode. With convertible freezer mode can also be converted to fridge mode for extra fresh food space . Now a days digital panel is available for convertible refrigerator which looks more elegant and user-friendly.

Convertible mode of refrigerator
  • Refrigerator or Compressor warranty

In general complete refrigerators comes with 1-2 year of warranty, With the introduction of inverter technology in the refrigerator, Manufacturers are more confident and provides upto 10 years of warranty on compressors. It is always beneficial of considering refrigerator with longer duration of warranty.

Sample warranty sticker
  • Brand or Manufacturer.

There are dozens of refrigerator manufacturer. Most famous are LG, Samsung, Haier, Godrej, Whirlpool, Bosch, Panasonic etc, Based on the service availability in your area manufacturer should be selected. In most of the refrigerator you will not require any service requirement but in case service is required it should be available in quickest possible time.

  • Storage Shelves

The food preference of people varies from place to place and most refrigerator manufacturer tries to make selves as per the food preference of people. while procuring new refrigerator please check on the size of selves if it is fulfilling your requirement.

Storage Shelves
  • Noise level

Higher refrigerator noise is annoying to us, therefor It is recommended to check on the noise level of the refrigerator it should be minimum.

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