How and where to use RO Reject water?

Being most of places are facing water scarcity it is essential to use every drop of water effectively. As the awareness of pure and safe drinking water increases, The use of water purifer has increased. RO is essential part for various water purifier. During RO operation approx 2-3 times of water comes out as reject water. This water is having higher TDS therefore use of water must be done carefully. Lets discuss step by step procedure to reuse it effectively and make our contribution towards water conservation.

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Steps for RO reject water use :

1. Water Collection :

Because of intermittent operation of RO based water purifier in domestic use., it is important to collect RO reject water. A small tank cab be put for collecting waste water from purifier. water collection is important as without collection, it is not possible to effectively use this water. RO reject water is having higher pressure as it is coming out of RO pump, Water can also be directly taken to some height with consultation of manufacturer or can be collected to same level directly to tank so that collection can be done effortlessly.

Sample RO collection ( Image from kent)
2. Water Storage :

Suitable water storage tank should be kept for water collection, ideally water storage should be capable of storing 1-2 days of of RO reject volume. For calculation, suppose if you are using 20L purified water on daily basis, 60-100 Ltr of storage shall be sufficient for reusing this water. Similarly water storage tank must be selected based on the water consumption and waste generation.

Sample storage tank
3. Water Utilization

RO reject water utilization can be planned based on need of water use of house, This water is can be considered as low grade water and con be used in the area where purity of water is not very concern, Please note as this water is coming out water purifier it is filtered water and free from sand particles. Broadly this water can be effectively utilized for below purposes.

a. Cleaning

RO Reject water can be effectively use for cleaning purpose, Like Utensil cleaning, Floor cleaning, Car cleaning etc.

b. Gardening

Water with TDS lower than 2100 ppm can be used for plants, Ro reject water is having minerals and it is good for plants if watering is done properly. It has been observed that with higher minerals plant grows rapidly also during gardening observation of salt formation at soil layer to be checked, If we are getting whiteish layer on soil, this water should not be used as it is one of the indication of higher salt availability in water water

c. Toilet flushing

Toilet is one of the area where low grade water can be used for flushing, It is recommended to use waste water of purifier for flushing application. In general approx 10-15 liter of water is wasted during single flush operation.

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