Comparing – Front vs Top loading washing machine

Last updated on March 12th, 2024 at 04:52 pm

Front and top loading are two types of washing machine available in market. While purchasing if we start comparing both types of washing machine we get confused as the salesmen and manufacturer claims front loading as the recent and better option than top loading machines to buy. The cost of front loading machines are higher and will the cost justifies for front loading machines.

Let us check technically, commercially & ¬†operationally which is better for home use and when to buy either options ¬†: –

  • Wash performance :

Minimum qualification for wash performance as per BEE for top loading is considered as above 80% (Soil removal %) while for front loading is above 95% (Soil removal %).  This shows the wash performance of front loading machine is very high. For general buyers of city even wash performance top loading machhines are good as most of the time cloths are not very dirty.

  • Water and detergent Consumption

Water and detergent consumption is point where front loading machine is clear winner it consumes just 40% of water consumption required as compared to top loading washing machine. Therefore if water availability is an issue in your are you should opt for front loading washing machine.

  • Energy Consumption :

Energy consumption of front loading machine is very high. On an avg if we compare both type of machines in highest energy efficient category, front loading consumes 6 times more power than top loading machines. A five star front loading machine consumes powerless than 0.09 KW/Kg/cycle. while top loading consumption is less than 0.0132 kw/Kg /Cycle.

 However if you add energy of heating water in both top and front loading machines. because of lower water requirement in front loading machines this huge gap of energy consumption will get minimize.

If you are concern about electricity bill go for top loading machines.

  • Water Extraction performance :

Both machines are equally good in water extraction performance and are capable of achieving water extraction performance of below 75%.

  • Rinse Performance :

Rinse performance is also same in both front and top loading washing machine.

  • Cleaning time :

Cleaning time requirement for top loading machines are lower than front loading machines,

  • Cloth addition while operation:

Top Loading machines allows addition of cloth while operation while it  is not possible to add cloth in front loading machine while operation, if you used to forget (Loading of cloth while washing machine operation is not recommended)and keep on adding cloth in washing machine, top loading is the best choice.

  • Hot water wash

Water can be heated in front loading machine upto 80-90 deg C, while there is limitation in water heating for top loading upto 60 Deg C. if higher temperature wash is required, front loading may be better option.

  • Gentle washing

Front loading washing machine produces low friction than top loading machines. Therefore life of cloth increases in case of front loading machines.

  • Cost

Front loading machines are costly while top loading machines are approx 30% cheaper than top loading machines, As the popularity of top loading machine increases the price gap is reducing.

  • Maintenance

Front loading machines has large no of component and maintenance requirement is higher than top loading machines.

  • Smell & mould development

Front loading machines are having complain that over a time it develops moulds in the rubber gasket and to get away from this problem front loading machine require lot of maintenance.

Gasket of Front load Machine – Area of smell development.
  • Ease of operation

Top loading machines are very easy to operate in comparison to front load washing machine. If the machines are going to be operated by your grand mother or father go for top loading machines.

Oparating pannel Front Loading washing Machine
Operating pannel Top loading washing machine


Top loading machines are best considering lower power consumption, less cleaning time requirement, Lower initial & maintenance cost and ease of operation with limitation on quality washing, higher water and detergent consumption.

While Front loading machines are best considering better wash quality, gentle washing, lower water and detergent consumption with limitation on higher machine cost, higher power consumption, higher cleaning time, higher maintenance and relatively difficulty in operation.

Best on your priorities you may select any machine.

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