Microwave ovens with inverter technology:

Microwave ovens are traditionally been used for heating and cooking food.

Picture of microwave oven

Principle of microwave oven:

Power is supply to the magnetron for producing microwaves; These microwaves penetrate into the food and make the water molecules to vibrate for producing heat in the food.

In regular microwave, Power supply is done though transformer. Transformer is used to step up or step down voltage to microwave oven. Transformer makes the AC current to increase or decrease based on heating cycle requirement. ON/OFF operation is performed for maintaining desired temperature in oven as shown below :-

While In inverter microwave oven power is supplied though inverter circuit in place of transformer as mentioned above, the rate of heat supply is as per requirement and frequent on/off operation is avoided as shown below

Benefit of  inverter microwave technology  :-

  • Consistent heat supply:

With inverter technology heat supply is consistent, This helps food to be cooked properly.

While in case of non inverter technology heat is supplied though ON/OFF control, Hence there is chances of overheating at outer surface.

  • Energy efficiency :

Inverter microwave ovens are efficient by 8-10 % considering conventional microwave ovens. (Conventional microwave ovens have approx 56% , while inverter microwave oven have approx 65% efficiency)

  • Taste and flavour:

As the cooking is though consistent heat supply, Food flavor loss due to soak heating is not lost in case of inverter technology oven

  • Nutrients in food:

Nutrients in food remain intact as it doesnot exposed to higher heat.

  • Weight of system:

Because of unavailability of transformer, weight of the microwave ovens is lighter by 3-4 Kg than conventional microwaves

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