Various inverter technology for home

Last updated on June 14th, 2020 at 11:18 am

Inverter is essential for uninterrupted power supply, there are lot of manufacturers & brand who manufactures good inverters but before selecting right inverter for home, we should be aware for right type of inverter for our need.

Basically 3 types of inverters are available in market for home use

  1. Square wave
  2. Modified square wave
  3. Sine wave inverter
Inverter Picture for representation only

As name suggest all the types of inverters are differentiated based on waves. It is important to understand wave and mechanism of working. As we know inverters are used to convert DC (Direct Current) to AC (Alternating Current), In alternating current time varying waveform is formed, most common is sinusoid known as sinusoidal waveform, generally sinusoidal waveform in short form are refereed as sine waves.

As these waves are depended on time, no of cycles completed in one second is called as frequency, In india AC power is supplied at 50 Hz means 50 cycles of waves are completed within one second. In some countries power is supplied at 60Hz frequency.

Ideally inverter should be able to convert DC power to AC power with sine wave for proper working of all household appliances. Inverters types are classified based on the capability of wave forming characteristics.

  1. Square wave:

Square wave inverters are one of the simplest inverter which converts DC to AC power. In square wave inverter output is not pure AC or sinusoidal, it is simple to design and low cost design inverters. Construction of square wave inverter can be done with the help of on/ off switch.

In square wave inverters, waves are formed in the structure of square as shown above. As these inverter does not transform DC to perfect AC, there is some humming sound while operation of electrical appliances such as fans and tube-light. In log run this inverter may damage electrical appliance.

2. Modified Square wave:

Modified square wave inverters are complex than square wave but simpler than sine wave inverter, in modified square inverter sign wave are formed with some pause in the path of shifting of wave, unlike square wave where transaction is done abruptly from positive to negative.

Even with paused movement in the wave change path, modified square wave inverter are also not able to form pure sine wave therefor it is better than square wave inverter but inferior than sine wave inverter.

3. Sine wave inverter

As name suggest these inverters are capable of producing pure sign wave as of alternating current, the design of sign wave inverter are complex, therefore the cost of inverter is comparatively high.  

As sine wave inverter delivers required sine wave for appliances the power consumption at appliance level is relatively lower and health of appliances is not compromised.

If you are going for purchase of new inverter and budget is not constraint, you should go with sine wave inverter as it is the latest and energy efficient technology.

Please check below link for selecting right inverter for your home

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