Luminous performance of common light fittings

Last updated on February 27th, 2021 at 09:48 am

Luminous performance of common light fittings are essential to estimate and optimize lighting load at home, office or industry. Lumen/ watt differs with the type of lamp used. Based on the quality of light and energy requirement right lighting selection will not only improve visibility but also reduce energy cost. Lumen is not only should be selection criteria, it should be checked along with CRI and S/P ratio. For S/P Ratio click here

Let us discuss about luminous performance of common light fittings:-
Sample light fitting picture
Type of Lamp Lumen/watt Range Lumen/watt Avg Color rendering index Typical application Typical hours
Incandescent 8-18 14 Excellent
General Lighting (Homes, restaurants, etc) 1000
Florescent lamps 46-60 50 Good w.r.t coating
Offices, shops, hospital, homes 5000
Compact florescent lamps
40-70 60 Very good (85) Hotel, shops ,hospital, homes 8000-
High pressure mercury
44-57 50 Fair
General lighting in factories, garages, car parking, flood lighting 5000
Halogen lamps 18-24 20 Excellent (100) Display, flood, lighting, stadium, exhibition grounds, construction areas 2000-
High pressure sodium(HPSV) SON 67-121 90 Fair(22) General lighting in factories, ware, houses straight lighting 6000-12000
Low pressure sodium(LPSV) SOX 101-175 150 Poor(10) Roadways, tunnels, canals, street, lighting 6000-12000
Metal halide lamps 75-125 100 Good(70) Industrial bays, spot lighting, flood lighting, retail store 8000
LED lamps 50-130 90 Very good (80) Office, Industry, outdoor, retail, hospitality, etc 30000-60000
Induction lamp 65-90 75 Very good (80) General lighting,  factories, warehouses, street lighting , flood lighting 60000-100000

Colour RenderingIndex: – Is a measure of the effect of light on the perceived colour ofobjects. A low CRI indicates that some colour may appear unnatural when illuminated by the lamp.

Please note Luminous performance of common light fittings are important but it should be looked together with S/P ratio , Please click here for understanding S/P ratio

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