Ceiling fan rotation during summer & winter

Last updated on March 19th, 2021 at 08:20 am

Ceiling fans are cost effective air circulation and cooling solution for all seasons, almost in every home ceiling fans are used and based on seasonal requirement operational philosophy of fans differs therefore Ceiling fan rotation also differs.

Let us understand right operation of ceiling fan in summer and winter?

As we know ceiling fan does not cool room but just keeps circulating air which together with skin perspiration makes us feel cooler. To bring more cooling effect ceiling fan must produce higher velocity breeze at the body surface. For creating higher velocity breeze fan must be throwing air from top to bottom. This effect of higher velocity breeze and air flow from top to bottom can be achieved by circulating fan in counter clockwise direction when observed from standing just bottom of the ceiling fan.

While in winter ceiling fans are used to evenly distribute heat and higher breeze must be avoided on the body, therefore air movement must be slow at the body. Lower air velocity can be achieved by circulating fan in clockwise direction when looked from bottom of the fan. Apart from lower velocity fan must be able to lift cold air from bottom and circulate warm air collected in the top surface.

With operation of Ceiling fan rotation according to season not only we can save power but also comfort air conditioning can be achieved.

Therefore while selecting ceiling fan considering both summer and winter operation, ceiling fans must be selected with reversible motor which can be operated on both side.

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