Different inverter ACs technology explained

Last updated on March 19th, 2021 at 10:57 am

As inverter air conditioner is becoming popular due to energy efficient operation in tropical region, hundreds of manufacturer are manufacturing and selling Air conditioners with different inverter ACs technology

To be market ahead with the technology all the manufacturer tries to bring innovation in their inverter technology with some changes. Now due to these changes and innovation lot of inveter ACs are available in market and keeps us confusing about the superiority. Lets check which are the available option with inverter AC technology.

1. Dual / Twin inverter AC

As name suggests duel inverter AC is having two rotors for achieving compression effect, Both the rotors are placed at phase difference of 180 Deg C to provide stability efficient and low vibration compression.

These inverter ACs are capable for further varying speed by 10-20%, Which means it is capable to run at extra slow speed to save power and extra high speed for faster cooling.

Other advantage of this technology is further reduction in noise of compressor operation (Outdoor units). These compressor technology is used by LG, Blue Star, Godrej

2. Triple inverter AC

The technology of triple inverter AC are different than twin inverter compressor it doesn’t contains multiple rotors.

Triple inverter ACs are powered by advanced Digital 8 pole motors compressors, it is build to provide faster cooling and energy efficiency.

These inverters compressors produce less torque fluctuation and ensure efficient operation. Due to less torque fluctuation triple inverter AC can be beneficial for long compressor and condenser life. These ACs are having lower vibration and noise.

Triple inverter technology is used by Samsung.

3. Intellisence inverter technology

Intellisence inverter technology is being promoted by whirlpool, in the intellisece inverter technology compressor operation is controlled based on temperature and humidity.

These air conditioners comes with embedded with a smart intuitive logic chip, which enables smart communication between the indoor and outdoor unit to adjust and adapt the AC operation on the basis of humidity levels.

4. Two Stage steady cool compressor.

Voltas AC comes with two stage steady cool compressors, In these compressors refrigerants are compressed in two stages, Two stage compressor is energy efficient method for compressing refrigerant specially in low temperature refrigeration and where evaporator and compressor pressure levels are high. These compressors are capable for wider temperature level of operations.

5. Flexicool hybridjet inverter.

Flexicool hybridjet inverter technology is launched by carrier. In this technology fresh air cooling of compressor is done by modification in the air flow design of condenser and separate cooling arrangement is done for PCB via refrigerant. With this technology as the inverter compressor are kept cooler than conventional compressor life and efficiency of system get enhanced.

5. Expandable inverter technology

Expandable inverter technology is being used in hitachi air conditioners. As the name suggest expandable inverter ac capacity get enhanced when extra cooling is required. These inverter acs are designs with extra magin in cooling and used at the time of exta load requirement either because of indoor temperature or outdoor temperature.

Which is the best inverter ac technology?

Although different manufactures are having Different inverter ACs technology but they do not compete with each other inverter AC technology.

For comparison all of them are using benchmark of conventional non inverter AC only and hope this benifit is already known to us, if you want to learn about non inverter and inverter ac you may check link below.

Therefore before for taking any buying decision we should consider SEER or ISEER rating of the inverter AC and additional features like air filtration, air purification, long warranty, operation ease etc.

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  1. For all those looking to purchase a central air conditioner, it is advisable that you get yourself informed on what is the best brand of central air conditioner available in the market. While buying a central air conditioning system one must understand that the technology used is different from what is used for window units.

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