Hot & Cold AC in comparison with electric room heater

Last updated on March 12th, 2024 at 04:53 pm

As the name suggests all-weather air conditioners or Hot and cold Air conditioners can be used for both summer and winter season. Normally air conditioners are designed to cool room with their help of refrigerant cycle. While with reversing flow of refrigerant air conditioner can be used as heat pump for producing hot air. For detail working on the heat pump click here. In this article we will discuss about Hot & Cold AC in comparison with electric room heater.

India has a tropical climate, In most areas during summer, the temperature reaches above 50 Deg C while in winter temperature goes down to below 5 deg C. It is very common to use air conditioners in summer seasons, while in winter there is a huge market for room heaters.

The cost of room heaters varies from Rs 500 to 20000 based on the technology used. It does not make much difference whether you buy a costlier room heater or a cheaper one, the energy consumption of an electrical room heater for similar heating requirements will remain more or less the same. Apart from this room heaters are used in winter and then kept idle in other seasons. The problem of both higher operating cost and utilization of room heater can be resolved with the use of all-weather or Hot and Cold air conditioners.

Let’s discuss the advantages and limitation of all-weather (Hot and Cold Air conditioner) in comparison to electric room heaters:-
  • Energy efficiency

Room heaters convert direct electrical energy to heat energy, Therefore the electrical room heater requires a minimum of 1KW of electrical energy for producing 1KW of heating effect in room. While in case of a heat pump or Hot and cold air conditioner electricity is used to operate refrigerant compressor and fan, it varies based on room temperature and outdoor temperature, All-weather air conditioner can produce approx 2-4 KW of heat energy by utilizing just  1KW of electrical energy.

  • Uniform Temperature

Most of the electrical room heaters are designed to transfer heat either through convection or radiation process, Small circulation fans are common for uniform temperature distribution across the room. while in case of Hot and cold air conditioners fans of very high capacity are used for proper distribution of heat across the room therefore better uniform heat distribution is achieved in case of hot and cold air conditioners.

  • Reliability

As in the case of electrical room heaters, electrical energy is directly converted to thermal energy, localized heat generation is a big problem. Radiation or convection surface is used to transfer heat energy to the surrounding area therefore chances of equipment damage are higher in the case of an electric room heater.

  • Oxygen burning

The operating temperature of electric room heaters are high and it causes oxygen burning problem, while as air conditioners maximum temperature does not increase to high-temperature during operation, oxygen burning is minimized for hot and cold air conditions.

  • Handling

Handling of electric room heater is not an easy task as it needs a proper place for operation, kept out of reach of children and the chance of electrical shock is high while in case of using all-weather ac for the heating purposes the equipment shall be fixed installation and does not require floor area.

  • Cost

The initial cost of an electric room heater is low in comparison to hot and cold ACs. but considering air conditioners requirement in summer and marginal cost increase for shifting it from conventional to hot and cold air conditioners cost is justified and hot and cold air conditioners are good buying options. For the area where winter is more than 4 months hot and cold air conditioners will give good returns on the money invested and Hot & Cold AC comparison with electric room heater to be done.

Summary and recommendation

All-weather air conditioners are energy efficient and require less power for an equivalent amount of heat generation. It provides uniform heating and reduces oxygen burning problems. Hot and cold air conditioners are safe for operation and handling is easy. The reliability of the system is very high compared to the electrical heater. if the air conditioner is being used for summer, with a small addition of investment and adding features of hot and cold air conditioners is fully justified. It is not only a better choice for tropical climate but can be used for cold regions, It has attractive returns and justifies the investment.

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