Window vs Split AC

Air conditioners has now become essential appliance for houses, there are lot of option available in market for air conditioners. Apart from manufactures, efficiency and cost, one of the major difference for the air conditioner is its type like split Air conditioner and windows air conditioner.We used to get confused which air conditioner to buy and when to buy split and windows air conditioners.

Lets’ Compare the difference between Windows and Split ACs

S.NDescriptionWindows AC (Unitary ACs)Split AC
1.ConfigurationCompressor condenser and evaporator are all installed in a single UnitCondenser, compressor are separate and located at outdoor.   Evaporator is installed at cooling area (Room)   Refrigerant and electrical cables are connected from indoor to outdoor unt.
2EfficiencyWindows ACs are less efficient ACs than Split AC.   5 Star window AC will have   minimum ISEER Value of 3.3 ( for 2018-20 period)   minimum ISEER Value of 3.5 ( for 2020-23 period)      Split ACs are more energy efficient ACs   5 Star Split AC will have   minimum ISEER Value of 4.5 ( for 2018-20 period)   minimum ISEER Value of 5.0 ( for 2020-23 period)
3Technology advancementDue to lower space of window AC technology advancement is limited.Technology advancement is higher at split AC, no of function and filtration system is added and has futher option for advancement.
3Maintenance and leakagesVery less probability as complete package is factory fitted and very less piping used.Probability of maintenance  and gas leakage usually high and depends upon workmanship of service person   Installation plays higher role in energy efficiency, Wrong installation may lead  to higher power consumption than rated,
4.Air CirculationAir circulation is not as proper as split AcsAir circulation is proper.
5.Level of installationInstalled at lower to middle level of room, especially for operation of control buttonsInstalled at higher elevation as most of the ACs do not have any control button on indoor unit
6.Ease in installationEasy in installationComparative difficult in installation.
7.PortabilityHighly portable and no need to do extra care while transferringTransferring is problematic as refrigerant pipe needs to be disconnected and refrigerant need to be transferred to condensers.   Higher probability of gas leakage while relocation.
8.AestheticTakes larger interior foot print and looks bulkyLooks Smart and takes lower interior footprint.
9.NoiseNoisy than Split AC as compressor is integral part.Silent Machine due to outdoor installation of compressor and condenser.
10.CostWindows ACs are normally cheaper than split ACsSplit ACs are generally costlier than split ACs

Split Air conditioners are popular, efficient and dominate AC market, while windows air conditioners have its own space.

Portability of Windows AC makes it popular choice for the people who change their house frequently like students, employee with highly transferable jobs etc. Window ACs is also very popularly used in rented AC market.

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